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Hi, I’m Kevin, I’m a photographer and web designer for small, service based, businesses. I use my 20 years of experience in the creative space to help them stand out in today‚Äôs marketplace, and visibly display the quality of their business through imagery and design.

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Initial Problem

To that point the only web presence was my Facebook page and Instagram. So many people had no idea what I offered and I was missing out on potential clients.

What They Were Looking For

I was looking for a way to let people know about the new business I started. I wanted a website that displayed the quality of my work and let people know how I could help them. It was also important that the site made it easy for people to contact me.

My Role

I built the site from scratch, creating the look, the logo and creating a brand for Kevin Faust Design and Photography. I also was responsible for the content and SEO to make it easier for people to find the business through web searches.