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Pauline Janson is a personal trainer. Her goal is to help clients improve their fitness and reach their goals. She focuses on middle aged women and helps them feel stronger, tone up and move better.

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Initial Problem

Pauline had a site that she had built on Wix and was not longer happy with Wix, and was looking to upgrade the look as she was looking to spend more time to expand and grow her business. Being a new company, Pauline was looking to save money, and decided to work with a designer overseas that offered very reasonable prices. However she was having a very difficult time getting the results she was hoping for, and the was a poor level of communication between her and the designer.

What They Were Looking For

Pauline was very organized, she had all the content, images and structure already in mind and ready to go. But she needed someone to help her decide where to host her new site, and build her site to make it professional looking and make it easy for her clients to both find here and to book appointments with her. And it was very important to have easy contact with the designer and feel like her concerns were being accounted for.

My Role

First I was able to offer my suggestions as to where she should host her new site that enabled here to have all the features she wanted at a reasonable price. Once we found a great fit, then my role was to take her ideas, and all the material she had work so hard to gather and incorporate it into a well design website that matched her brand and she could be proud of. To ensure her ideas and concerns were addressed, we set up weekly meeting to discuss the progress of the site.


P J Training

Kevin is a great website designer and builder. He did such a fantastic job on my website, is super helpful and a really great guy to work with!

Pauline Janson