Speeds Pub


Speed’s Pub is a popular little pub located on Fraser River across from Ladner Harbour Park. They are known for their fish and chips, but also have a range of pub favourites on their menu, as well as a wide selection of beverages. You’ll get to enjoy great service and Ladner’s most picturesque river views.

Speeds Pub 1
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Speeds Pub 4

Initial Problem

Speed, the then owner of Speed’s Pub had been running the pub for a while, had built a healthy community of loyal pub visitors, but didn’t have a web presence. His clients started bugging him about, and he decided it was time to get on the world wide web.

What They Were Looking For

Speed was looking for a basic site, that would make it easy for people to find them on the net, see their menu and also see if anything special was going on at Speed’s Pub.

My Role

As Speed was an older gentleman he had little knowledge about what was involved in creating a web site, so he was looking for someone to take info from their advertising material and create a website from scratch. So my role was to create the look and the content, and to present it all in a well designed site that displayed the culture of Speed’s Pub.