Beer Machine Package Design

The Beer Mix


The Beer mix was a selection of different flavours of beer that can be used in the company’s beer machine. The company provides and easy way for lovers of beer to make their own beer at home. It was easy and convenient, all you have to do is and the mix and water into the beer machine and let it sit. In a few days, you have home brewed beer!

The Brief

As this was a new product, the company was looking for a new design for the beer mix box. They had a brand look established but were looking for a new look and a cleaner look. The design for the beer machine box was dark. It was a black background. They wanted some of the elements, but also a fresh new look.

My Role

I was the lead designer on the project. I was in charge of first coming up with concepts, then presenting them to the client, and finally creating the final artwork and delivering it to the client. Additionally I was in charge of directing the photo shoot, as the client wanted a unique photo for their finished product. There was a lot of communication back and forth on this project and extended hours, as the client was in a different time zone. A three hour difference.

The Result

The company was so pleased with the new look that they decided to redesign all their packaging to match. So we completed redesigns off all their product with the new look.

The Beer Machine Products